Competitive Entrance Exams & Admissions

Students are admitted to ENSAI by either taking a French competitive entrance exam (un concours) or as a transfer student (l’admission sur titre).


Competitive Entrance Exams

Statistical engineering or civil servant statistician program



INSEE Civil Servant Statistician Program

  • Concours interne (Internal Entrance Exam)
    This exam is open to civil servants and non-tenured employees working in all three branches of the French civil service and their dependent public institutions, as well as to magistrates and the members of the French Armed Forces. This entrance exam is also open to candidates working in international intergovernmental organizations.

Transfer Students

Engineering Program
This method of admissions is open to students who have successfully completed one of the following:

  • 2 years of post secondary school education (Bac+2): holders of a DUT (French University Technology Diploma equivalent to an HND) in Statistics and Business Intelligence (STID) or Computer Science
  • a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in:
    • Mathematics and Computer Science applied to Human and Social Sciences (Miashs)
    • Statistics
    • Applied Mathematics
    • Economic Science
    • Computer Science applied to Business Management (Miage)
    • or equivalent

ENSAI’s Master’s Programs

Master admissions are only on titles. A minimum of 4 years of higher education equivalent to 240 ECTS credits (at least a 4-year degree or first year of a master’s degree) is required.