Research Projects

Research Chairs at ENSAI

New Challenges for New Data
with Fondation du Risque, Institut Louis Bachelier
Economic Partner: LCL Bank
Academic Partner: GENES
Period: 2014-2019
Contact: V. Patilea (co-leader)

Research Chairs and Networks - Partnerships

Research Initiative “Modèles et traitements mathématiques des données en très grande dimension”
Partners : MEDIAMETRIE, GENES, La Fondation du Risque
Period : 2020-2022
Contact : V. Patilea

Securing Career Paths
Economic Partners: Randstad, Alpha, Unedic, Pôle emploi, DARES
Academic Partners: Sciences Po, GENES
Period: 2012-2017
Contact: S. Auray

Research Initiative “Risk, Regulation, and Systemic Risks” 
Economic Partners: ACPR, Banque de France, Global Risk Institute
Academic Partners: GENES, HEC
Period: 2013-2016
Contact: S. Auray

Research Contracts

Non-Supervised Learning via Medians-of-Means Principles (CIFRE)
Partners: Artfact/LumenAI
Period: 2019-2022
Contact: A. Saumard

Recommender Systems for a Session (CIFRE)
Partner: Louis Vuitton Services
Period: 2019-2022
Contact: R. Gaudel

Generation of synthetic logs satisfying differential privacy constraints for cybersecurity tools
Partner: Orange
Period: 2019-2022
Contact: F.Navarro 

Modeling Durability and Maintenance for Compressor Components 
Partners: Datastorm/GRTgaz
Period: 2019
Contact: V. Patilea

Flow-based feasibility study in high dimension
Partners: Datastorm/RTE
Period: 2019-2020
Contact: F. Navarro

Classification Methods for Analyzing Data for Autonomous Vehicles (CIFRE)
Partner: Renault
Period: 2018-2020
Contact: V. Patilea

Inventory of Low-Tension Power Connections
Partners: Datastorm/Enedis
Period: 2017
Contact: V. Patilea

Predictive studies of metal damage on the French natural gas pipeline network
Partners: Datastorm/GRT Gaz
Period: 2016-2017
Contact: S. El Kolei – F. Navarro

Statistical  Inference with Maintenance Data
Partners: Datastorm/Air Liquide
Period: 2016
Contacts: S. El-Kolei – V. Patilea

Modeling Price Elasticity and Electrical Demand
Partners: Datastorm/ERDF
Period: 2015- 2016
Contacts: S. Auray – V. Caponi

Modeling Consumption Reduction of Erasable Clients 
Partners: Datastorm/ERDF
Period: 2014- 2016
Contact: V. Patilea

Construction of Polytomic Scores (CIFRE)
Partner: BNP Paribas Personal Finance
Period: 2013- 2016
Contacts: L. Rouvière – V. Patilea

Academic Research Networks

Asymptotic Theory for Multidimensional Statistics
PI: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Period: 2013- 2022
Contact: V. Patilea

ANR ExtremReg
PI : Toulouse School of Economics
Period : 2019-2023
Contact : G. Stupfler

Projet EcoDep
PI : Cergy Paris Université
Period : 2020-2023
Contact : L. Truquet

Topics in Conditional Moment Equations Models: Generated Regressors, Unknown Nuisance Functions, and Panel Data
PI: University of Bonn
Period: 2017- 2020
Contact: V. Patilea

Period: 2015- 2019
Contact: S. Auray

Period: 2015- 2017
Contact: Y. Busnel

Evaluation of the Efficacy of Public Policy to Stimulate Employment in France 
Partner: Pôle emploi
Period: 2014- 2015
Contacts: S. Auray – N. Lepage-Saucier

International grants

An Extreme Value Model for the Analysis of the COVID-19 Pandemic and its Impact, and the Mitigation of Future Related Crises
Partner : AXA
Period : 2020-2022
Contact : G. Stupfler