Faced with growing demand for expertise in Statistics, Economics, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence, the Group of National Economics and Statistics Schools (GENES) created a private entity in 2013 to meet those needs: DataStorm.

DataStorm: Innovating Through Data

The creation of DataStorm seeks to meet three objectives:

• Responding to the needs of businesses and public bodies by mobilizing the expertise of GENES and its partners.

• Offering an efficient, single point of contact for clients.

• Promoting the application of research and development carried out within the group.


DataStorm was created to allow private companies and public bodies to take advantage of scientific expertise in the fields of Statistics, Economics, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence. DataStorm assists you in developing your own data expertise within your field, with direct applications.


DataStorm is a unique structure which favors links between fundamental research and real-world applications. A flexible bridge between two worlds, DataStorm benefits from the implication of over 100 researchers from the CREST research center (the combined research lab for ENSAE-IP Paris and ENSAI) as well as over 200 associated researchers in Saclay and Rennes.


Datastorm gives you access to the academic excellence of ENSAE-IP Paris in Saclay and ENSAI in Rennes, as well as short and long modules offered by ENSAE-ENSAI Formation Continue to help develop your team’s skills. You also have the added benefit of more easily recruiting the best economists, statisticians, and data scientists educated at ENSAE-IP Paris and ENSAI.