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organigramme ENSAI

School Board

The School Board or Conseil d’école is a consultative body which is under the supervision of the Director of ENSAI. It is a place of discussion regarding the general academic orientation of the school, the school’s administrative organization, admissions procedures, etc. 

Members of the School Board for 2018-2021

Claire Lelarge, Professor at the Université de Paris Saclay

Members representing the academic and socio-economic world:
Pierre Capelle, Associate, EY Advisory
Jean-Philippe Dupont, Regional Director, SNCF
Eric Gautier, Professor at Toulouse School of Economics
Pascal Mognol, President of Ecole normale supérieure de Rennes
Cyril Régnier, Director of Risk, Milleis Banque
Stéphane Ubeda, Director of INRIA Rennes Bretagne Atlantique
Aurélie Vanheuverzwyn, Director of Data Science, Médiamétrie


Academic and Research Committee

The Academic and Research Committee or Comité d’Enseignement et de Recherche is a consultative body under the direct supervision of and led by the Director of ENSAI. Its role is to deal with academic matters. It gives opinions on: 
– the organization of teaching, programs, and research
– the curricula and academic sanctions 


Pedagogy Commission

Pedagogy Commissions or commissions des études at ENSAI bring together student delegates, teacher representatives, and the Associate Dean. These commissions are organized to identify pedagogical problems and propose solutions. They occur at the end of each semester.