MS Data Science pour la Connaissance Client


logo Mastère SpécialiséThe Mastère Spécialisé® Data Science pour la Connaissance Client is a specialized degree for persons having already completed a Master’s degree, with an alternating learning-working curriculum structure.

It allows students to acquire a highly-qualified profile in Statistical Modelling and Machine Learning for Customer Intelligence and includes teaching on subjects linked to marketing including ethics and legal frameworks like the GDPR.

The Mastère Spécialisé® Data Science pour la Connaissance Client is accredited by the French Conférence des grandes écoles.

Expert Training

Customer Intelligence: Marketing Transformed through Data

Mobile and web technologies generate massive amounts of data. Clients can contact businesses directly. They expect relevant responses, new services, personalized offers, and more transparency. Today companies are attempting to respond to these new needs by placing customers at the heart of their marketing strategies. 

This new economic and organizational paradigm means companies must train or recruit specialized Data Scientists capable of extracting and analyzing relevant and personalized data via different interaction and sales channels.

Customer Intelligence based on robust Data Science and Artificial Intelligence tools has become an essential part of businesses’ strategies, regardless of the sector in which they operate. 

The Mastère Spécialisé® Data Science pour la Connaissance Client responds directly to this need for expertise.

Learning and Working

> at work
An initial phase allowing the student and business to get to know one another

> at ENSAI
Refresher courses to bring everyone up to the same level in Math, Statistics, and Computer Science 

> one week at work, three weeks at ENSAI
An alternating period to acquire and apply the fundamentals of the program 

> three weeks at work, one week at ENSAI
A second phase of the program for learning job-specific applications and writing a professional Master’s thesis 

Master’s thesis defense at ENSAI

2022-2023 MS Data Science Schedule 



programme mastere specialise


What profiles match the MS Data Science pour la Connaissance Client program?

> Master’s degree holders who are seeking a work-learning experience to acquire a specialization that is highly valued on the job market

> Managers who are seeking new or more advanced skills in Data Science

Admissions requirements:

Possess a Master’s degree (Bac+5):
• in Applied Mathematics, Statistics, Mathematical Finance, or Econometrics
• a Master’s-level engineering or business degree with strong mathematical component 

or having completed the first year of a Master’s degree or equivalent (Bac+4) with three years of professional experience;

or having completed an international degree equivalent to those mentioned above.

Exemptions may be granted by the admissions committee for applicants having significant professional experience. 

ENSAI is offering a program that corresponds to its reputation: scientific rigor combined with operational graduates. Mathematical knowledge and mastery that will allow students to understand the tools and methods used are therefore required. A refresher block at the beginning of the program will ensure that students have the solid scientific foundation necessary to successfully complete the program. The mathematical culture, associated with statistical and computer science savoir-faire taught as part of this Mastère, will ensure that graduates have the capacity to make reasoned choices about which methods are appropriate and ensure that they are capable of quickly and successfully implementing innovative solutions in businesses.

Special attention will also be made to ensure that graduates acquire soft skills linked to project management, interaction with other non-expert actors in their organization, sharing expertise, and interpersonal communication. 


Professionalization Contract Model

Internship Agreement Model


> 12 000 € for students pursuing their initial education, for employees, or for the unemployed.

> Number of spots: 12 


Brochure Mastère Spécialisé Data Science pour la Connaissance Client

The application procedure is now closed. 


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