Two Former Students in the Top Five Best EMOS Master Theses

Chloé Lallemand and Suzanne Scott’s Master theses have been selected among the top five best EMOS Master theses. Both will present their posters at the 2021 NTTS conference series organised by Eurostat. 

Both former students in the Master’s in Public Evaluation and Decision Making, Lallemand and Scott had been pre-selected by their supervisors to compete. Held every other year, the EMOS Master thesis competition puts forward the outstanding work of EMOS program students and highlights official statistics as a research topic.

Two ENSAI Alumni Among the Best EMOS Master Theses Laureates

Chloé Lallemand, an economist at Institut des Politiques Publiques (IPP) wrote a Master thesis following her final year internship at IPP: “Assessment of causal impact of reforms of the French pension system on private sectors wage earners“.

Suzanne Scott, a researcher for Insee’s Economic Studies Department competed with a Master thesis on the following subject: “Enhancing seasonal adjustment using X13-Arima-Seats: the case of production in the French quarterly accounts“.

Their submissions were assessed by the EMOS Board, which consists of 14 members from European universities and national statistics institutes, European System of Central Banks (ESCB), European Statistical Advisory Committee (ESAC), and Eurostat.

Lallemand, Scott and their supervisors, François Coquet, Brigitte Gelein and Catherine Benjamin will receive an “Honors Diploma”. The top five theses will be published on the NTTS and EMOS websites.

In 2019, Noémie Morenillas, ENSAI class of 2018, was one of the five laureates.

ENSAI’s Master’s in Public Evaluation and Decision Making

Public administrations and agencies need highly qualified Statisticians and Data Scientists to create, manage, and exploit local, national and even international databases. The objective of the Master’s is to respond to these increasing demands for data experts in the field of public policy evaluation and decision making.

Graduates are well-prepared to work in scientifically and technically demanding jobs in Statistical Engineering, Social and Economic IT systems, and IT management related to Official Statistics.

The Master’s in Public Evaluation and Decision Making includes three specializations: Methodology for Official Statistics, Statistics and Data Management and Statistical Studies.

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