Chloé Maisonnave is one of the top-ranked winners of the EMOS Master’s thesis competition  25.01.2023 |  - -

“Interactions within a multi-layer EU inter-bank network”, Chloé Maisonnave’s final year thesis,…
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Axa Research Fund for COVID-19: Launch of Gilles Stupfler’s Project 22.01.2021 | 

Gilles Stupfler, Lecturer in Statistics at ENSAI and researcher at CREST was…
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Gilles Stupfler Awarded the Habilitation, an Accreditation to Supervise Research 14.09.2020 |  -

Gilles Stupfler, a lecturer and researcher in Statistics at ENSAI and member of the CREST research lab whose…
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STID-SFdS Prize: Congratulations Samuel GOUTIN ! 15.05.2019 | 

Samuel GOUTIN, a first-year student in the Engineer Statistician program from and…
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