The ErasmusDays 2023 event, a chance to share experiences about international mobility  

To celebrate ErasmusDays 2023 week, from October 9th to 14th, ENSAI’s International Relations Department organized an event highlighting the Erasmus+ program.  

The event gave Ensaiens the chance to find out more about international mobility opportunities, through a variety of fun activities and first-hand testimonials.

“So, you think you know the Erasmus+ program?”

Todd Donahue, Head of the International Relations and Humanities Department, launched the event with a quiz on the specifics of the program, highlighting exchange opportunities with ENSAI’s partner institutions. Is it possible to travel outside Europe? What are the different stages involved in preparing an exchange? Which country has received the most French students thanks to the program?

“This event was intended to promote international mobility and all the possibilities offered by the Erasmus+ program, from academic exchanges to financial support for mobility. The main objective: to encourage international mobility opportunities among students, while having fun at the same time! Thanks to the commitment of several departments and the school’s students who helped organize this event, the goal seems to have been achieved!” – Todd Donahue

Erasmus+ and me: testimonials from Ensaiens

During the event, engineering students and future civil servants returning from international mobility shared their Erasmus+ exchange experiences.

“In Munich, I took high-quality courses, spoke a lot of English, sometimes German, and compared cultures as I met students from all over the world. Germany has a lot to offer with its traditional regional architecture, its diverse landscapes, its culinary specialties and above all its respectful way of understanding others. Going on an Erasmus program means adopting a country close to your heart and coming back more fulfilled.” – Maëlle, engineering student – Technische Universität München

Knowing that not all questions would find an answer in the short term, the International Relations team has put together a question box for students. These will be dealt with at the next meeting dedicated to academic exchange opportunities and internships abroad during the International Evening on November 7.

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