From August 24th to August 28th 2020, a virtual one week symposium on Probability and Mathematical Statistics. Researchers from all stages of academic careers are invited to present their research work!

The symposium will be a mixture of live talks, recorded talks with hangout sessions for discussions:

  • Live talks will be live streamed (via zoom) for everyone.
  • Prerecorded talks on original research work will be prerecorded by the speakers. One week before the symposium all talks will be available for streaming.
  • During the week there will be discussion sessions (via zoom) for every single talk. All participants are invited to meet the speakers for live discussions of the contributions.
  • One week before the symposium posters will be available online.
  • Virtual interactions will be organised within the sessions during the week. This part will be the most experimental, stay tuned!

Join live discussions with ENSAI researchers:

August 24th, 12pm (10am UTC)
“Limit theorems, large deviations and extremes: On a relationship between randomly and non-randomly thresholded empirical average excesses for heavy tails​”, live discussion with Gilles Stupfler.

Prerecorded talk on Youtube


August 24th, 13pm (11am UTC)
“Time series analysis and econometrics​: Wilks’ theorem for semiparametric regressions with weakly dependent data”, live discussion with Matthieu Marbac.

Prerecorded talk on Youtube


August 28th, 12.30pm (10.30am UTC)
“Case studies in Statistics: Mixture of hidden Markov models for accelerometer data​”, live discussion with Marie du Roy de Chaumaray.

Prerecorded talk on Youtube


Participation at the symposium is free, registration is mandatory to get the passwords for the zoom sessions.