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Data Scientists with a specialization in Marketing are highly sought after by businesses struggling to make sense of the avalanche of unstructured, heterogeneous, big data created in today’s digital economy.

The multifaceted, detailed nature of data created by the digital universe is pushing companies to acquire highly-valued skills that will allow them to extract and analyze data to explain and understand behavior, but above all to predict it as it relates to purchasing products and services.

ENSAI graduates from the Quantitative Marketing and Revenue Management program are trained to have full Marketing knowledge  (courses include: Marketing Mix with the Markstrat Challenge, Experiential Marketing , Digital Marketing, Customer Relationship Management) as well as perfectly master  Datamining, Segmentation and Scoring Methods and Consumer Behavior Modeling (structural equations, discrete choice models), and temporal dimensions (predictive models, Econometrics of panel data). They are also taught how to use the data generated by chatbots through Data Science, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Tools like Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Career opportunities for Marketing and Revenue Management graduates are vast. The industries in which they work include consulting, media, telecommunications, distribution, banking, insurance, energy, automobile, cosmetics, hospitality, transportation, leisure, and luxury.


Datamining / Scoring / Statistical Machine Learning / Deep Learning / Marketing Mix / CRM / Yield & Revenue Management


Statistical Studies Manager / Pricing Analyst  / Data Scientist / Revenue Manager

Businesses within the ENSAI ecosystem

Carrefour / Disneyland Paris / Fnac-Darty / Louis Vuitton / Médiamétrie / Orange / Publicis / SNCF / Yves Rocher…

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Research Professor in Statistics - Head of the Quantitative Marketing and Revenue Management program
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A 2016 ENSAI graduate with a focus in Marketing, Sara reflects on her academic path with the motto: Create your own job!
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A transfer student from ENSAE Dakar who graduated from ENSAI in 2017, Ababacar Ba reflects on his academic studies and the choices that brought him to his consulting job at EY.
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