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Join ENSAI via the Mathematics competitive entrance exam and choose one of two offered career paths!

Engineer Statistician Program

In finance, health, business, marketing, digital technology, the environment, public policy – your expertise in Data Science will be at the heart of today’s scientific, economic, and societal issues. With your understanding and mastery in algorithms, you will shed light on data to help private and public players make important decisions.

Yearly gross salaries for starting engineers who have graduated from ENSAI is approximately €37,900; the employment rate two months after graduating ENSAI  is approximately 96%.


Civil Servant Program

Land development planning, demographics, health, culture, the environment – the applications for Official statistics are immense and ever evolving. With Data Science, many new perspectives that offer dynamic and fascinating public service careers are possible at INSEE or in the Ministerial Statistic Services (SSM), even internationally. Students following this program have civil servant status.

Yearly gross salaries for INSEE civil service statisticians  is approximately €34,000 at the beginning of their career. Civil servant students are also paid during their studies, approximately €1,900 per year for the first two years, and then the starting salary rate during 3rd year.

During the first two years at ENSAI, students in both profiles (engineer students and civil servant students) follow the same curriculum. In the second semester of 2nd year, engineering students begin to take specialized classes in order to prepare for their 3rd year focus whereas civil service students take classes oriented towards the Master in Public Evaluation and Decision.


Durant les deux premières années de scolarité à l’Ensai, les élèves ingénieurs et statisticiens publics (attachés statisticiens stagiaires de l’Insee) suivent un cursus identique. Au second semestre de 2e année, les élèves ingénieur s’orientent vers des cours adaptés aux spécialisations de 3e année tandis que les statisticiens publics s’orientent vers des cours adaptés aux spécialisations du Master évaluation et décision publiques.


ENSAI Admissions
Engineer Statistician and Official Statistician Admissions
+33 (0)2 99 05 32 47 / 32 03


A 2016 ENSAI graduate with a focus in Marketing, Sara reflects on her academic path with the motto: Create your own job!
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A 2011 graduate of ENSAI and with a PhD in Biostatistics, Marie-Karelle Rivière currently works at Sanofi where her research helps her to hone her critical thinking skills.
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