Meet Marion Goussé, Associate Professor of Economics 

Marion Goussé recently joined ENSAI as an associate professor of Economics and a researcher at CREST. She will teach applied econometric classes and labor economics.

Marion Goussé saw in ENSAI both a chance to work in a fulfilling research and teaching environment and an occasion to settle in Brittany, where she grew up, after spending several years in Paris and abroad.

From ENSAE to Quebec

After graduating from ENSAE, Marion Goussé started a PhD in Economics at Sciences Po Paris.

“My PhD thesis was on “Marriage models”. I modeled how men and women meet and match on several characteristics, and how they decide to share their income and their work during marriage. I still use similar models in some of my current research projects”.

After her PhD, she accepted a position of assistant professor of Economics in the Department of Economics at University Laval in Quebec City, in Canada. After a few years, she became an associate professor there.

Researching labor and family economics

Marion Goussé’s research focuses mainly on labor economics and family economics. She is interested in the dynamics of income inequalities, both within the household (between husbands and wives) and between workers. Her research interests also include understanding wage dynamics and estimating the returns to education, skills, and work experience.

While teaching at ENSAI, Marion Goussé still collaborates with fellow researchers from University Laval.

“We use a huge database with hundreds of millions of job offers to analyze the evolution of the demand for skills by companies. We want to determine whether available workers are qualified to fill these positions based on their own skills and training programs. We also want to quantify the problem of misalignment between the distribution of job seekers and job offers according to skills”.

Welcome to ENSAI!

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