Lionel Truquet, New Research Director

Lionel Truquet assumed his position as Deputy Director of the CREST research unit and Research Director at ENSAI on July 1st.  

An associate professor in statistics and holder of a Ph.D. and a “Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches” [1] in applied mathematics, Lionel Truquet has been teaching at ENSAI since 2012. His research focuses on probabilistic modeling and statistics of temporal data.

“I am delighted to help research at ENSAI develop and evolve, working with the teaching and research team, in synergy with the higher education environment in Rennes and with CREST Paris. ENSAI and CREST create a unique context that favors the emergence of interdisciplinary projects around three disciplines: statistics, computer science and economics. Our strengths allow us to assert our position in a rapidly changing research environment, capitalizing on our appeal. “Lionel Truquet

The Center for Research in Economics and Statistics (CREST) is a leading French scientific institution for advanced research on quantitative methods applied to the social sciences.

CREST is a joint interdisciplinary research unit with faculty members from CNRS, ENSAE Paris, ENSAI and the Economics Department of Ecole Polytechnique. Its activities are located physically in the ENSAE Paris building on the Palaiseau campus of Institut Polytechnique de Paris and at ENSAI.

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[1] A French higher education-sanctioned degree obtained post Ph.D. required in order to supervise research in France.