Meet Jad Beyhum, Assistant Professor in Statistics

Jad Beyhum joined ENSAI as an Assistant Professor in Statistics in September. He teaches various courses including generalized linear models and high-dimensional statistics while carrying out his research work at the intersection of Econometrics and Statistics. 

A graduate of the engineering program at ENSAE Paris, Jad Beyhum completed his PhD in Mathematics at the Toulouse School of Economics before becoming a postdoctoral fellow at the Faculty of Economics and Business of KU Leuven in Belgium.

Econometrics and Statistics

Jad Beyhum’s research combines Econometrics and Statistics, borrowing tools from high-dimensional statistics and survival analysis and applying them to economic problems.

This is particularly interesting because in Statistics people are typically interested in predictive problems, while in Econometrics the focus is on causality. Hence, the statistical techniques have to be adapted to handle causal problems.

Building bridges between academia and the corporate world

After his engineering degree from ENSAE, it seemed natural to Jad Beyhum to pursue a PhD.

“During my doctoral studies, I liked research and even more teaching. However, in the last year and a half of my PhD studies, I decided to join C-ways, a consulting firm specializing in Data Science. I worked there as a Data Scientist while completing my PhD.“

This corporate experience enabled him to learn more about the applications of Statistics. At the end of his PhD, Jad Beyhum was offered a postdoc position by Professor Ingrid Van Keilegom from KU Leuven, whom he had previously collaborated with.

I gladly accepted the position to take on a new challenge. Academia and industry are very different and I definitely like both. I hope to continue collaborating with companies in the future.

Further research opportunities at ENSAI

Jad Beyhum enjoys the green campus of Ker Lann and ENSAI’s small scale.

“The school is small enough to know all of my colleagues well and large enough to provide lots of opportunities with fellow researchers.”

Jad, Valentin Patilea, and François Portier share research interests and may collaborate in the future.

When not teaching at ENSAI, Jad Beyhum likes learning new practical skills. “I am helping renovate a castle belonging to friends of mine a few kilometers south of Rennes. This is a very enjoyable activity because I get to try my hand at painting and carpentry.



Career milestones

2016-2020: PhD in Mathematics at the Toulouse of Economics

2019-2020: Data Scientist at C-Ways

2020-2022: Postdoc at KU Leuven


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