ENSAI Welcomes Guillaume Maillard, Assistant Professor in Statistics   

Guillaume Maillard has recently joined ENSAI as an assistant professor in statistics. Within the CREST laboratory, he conducts research on robust non-parametric estimation, model selection, and aggregation, in particular cross-validation and hold-out aggregation. 

Since September, he has been teaching the first-year probability course in the engineer statistician and civil servant programs.

A graduate of the École Normale Supérieure, Guillaume Maillard holds a PhD in mathematics from the Université Paris-Saclay. After completing his thesis on hold-out aggregation, he joined the University of Luxembourg as a post-doctoral fellow. In the SanDAL team (ERA Chair in Mathematical Statistics and Data Science), headed by Dr. Yannick Barraud, Guillaume Maillard conducted research in the field of robust non-parametric estimation, while continuing his research on cross-validation and hold-out aggregation, in line with his thesis.

He intends to pursue his research on nonparametric estimation and resampling and is also interested in certain sequential decision-making problems under uncertainty.

At ENSAI since September, Guillaume Maillard appreciates the multi-disciplinary nature of the teaching and research team, and already sees opportunities for collaboration with fellows within the statistics and computer science departments.

From a personal point of view, his move to Brittany means he can devote more time to sailing, particularly on the Côte de Granit Rose. He would also like to take up fencing, which he discovered during his years in Luxembourg.

2013: École Normale Supérieure
2020: PhD in Mathematics, Université de Paris-Saclay
2020: Post-doctoral fellow at the University of Luxembourg
2023: Assistant professor at ENSAI

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