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The Advanced Statistical Engineering program at ENSAI opens up a wide array of career opportunities. These modeling experts master can use their know-how for quality-reliability for industry, environmental predictions, and signal and image treatment. 

Quality and safety are top priorities for industry. A Statistical Engineer/Data Scientist uses a multitude of techniques to determine if a product meets quality standards (respects current regulations) as well as reliability expectations (functions properly) while keeping costs low. For reliability, s/he works in production services (monitoring assembly lines, improving planning, production, and service processes) and financial services (production volume, cost analysis).

Images have become omnipresent in today’s world. Naturally, image treatment has become common in several fields. All digital image treatment relies on algorithms based on statistical descriptions and mathematical modeling of images.

Signal treatment includes all software and hardware techniques for the manipulation, coding, decoding, and filtering of electrical signals, time series, and functional data. This subject goes from the world of sensors to that of data compression, images, and finance. The body of statistical techniques focuses in particular on dimension reduction in order to deal with complex data. The fields of application of the signal are numerous and concern many domains: robotics, telecommunications, automobile, aeronautics, finance, and more.

Are fishing quotas necessary for the survival of specific marine wildlife? Is the climate really changing? Do hedgerows contribute to biodiversity? What should agriculture be in the future (production, costs, pollution, preservation of species)? Is it possible to predict spikes in pollution? Does consuming or being in contact with certain products have an impact on health? A Data Scientist makes rigorous scientific analysis of data possible to help answer these and other critical questions.

Key Words

Signal and Image Treatment / Modeling / Filtering and Prediction / Quality Control / Reliability / Experiment Plans / Neural Networks


Data Scientist / R&D Engineer / Head of Statistical Studies

Businesses within the ENSAI ecosystem

Air Liquide / EDF / Engie / Expléo / Orange / Orano / Renault / RTE / Safran / SNCF / Thales / Valéo…

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