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Spatial Analysis and Health Economics

Statistical expertise to inform economic decision-making in the future for two key sectors: ENSAI’s Data Modeling for Spatial Analysis and Health Economics program does just that.

The Data Modeling for Spatial Analysis and Health Economics specialization gives its students the necessary skills in Statistical Engineering, Economics, and Econometrics as they relate to the dynamics of territories and health, making evaluation of public policy and private programs possible.

As such, in the highly sensitive and politicized debates about Urban Policy, highly trained experts ensure the accuracy of figures, proper understanding of their “power” as well as their limits, structural effects, windfall effects, and the real impact of policies that have been put in place. Such expertise is essential to any objective public policy evaluation.

The health sector is subject to many influences and ties between the healthcare industry, retirement systems, territorial dynamics, and public policy in these domains. To master Health Economics further, student are trained in Medico-Economic Evaluation methods and Clinical Trials.

This program trains data scientists who are precious assets to the pharmaceutical industry, clinical research companies, and economic evaluation consulting firms that help determine the place new drugs on the market, their pricing, and reimbursement. They care also work at the macroeconomic level to determine public policy efficiency in the health sector.


Medico-Economic Analysis / Spatial Econometrics / Panel Data Econometrics / Meta Analysis /
Territorial Dynamics / Demography / Physical and Social Networks / Actuarial and Insurance Mechanisms


Data Scientist / Data Analyst / Health Economic Analyst / Research Analyst

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Amaris / Banque de France / CEMKA / Commissariat général à l’égalité des territoires / Evidera / INED / INSERM / UNHCR…

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Data Modeling for Spatial Analysis and Health Economics, class of 2019


Lecturer in Economics - Head of the Risk Management and Financial Engineering & Economics for Spatial Analysis and Health Economics programs
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