Data Science for Economic & Health Modeling

Statistical expertise to inform economic decision-making in the future for two key sectors: ENSAI’s Data Science for Economic & Health Modeling does just that.

The Data Science for Economic & Health Modeling specialization aims to provide a background in statistical engineering and econometrics applied to the understanding of economic and health issues, and to the evaluation of public policies.

It mobilizes a large number of statistical and econometric tools, particularly in microeconometry. Different concepts are highlighted in order to study the links between health and retirement systems, territorial dynamics, and therefore public policies at work in these fields. The links between demography and health, urbanization, and spatial economy are, for example, studied with the eye of both the public policy and the statistician. This requires going beyond simple prediction and developing sophisticated strategies to test causal links. This course opens up a wide range of economic decision-making fields, whether in the public sector (ministries, health, social security, etc.) or the private sector (research firms, pharmaceutical laboratories, consultants, etc.).

The training represents the culmination of the multidisciplinary skills developed during the first two years in statistics, probability, economics, data science and machine learning, computer science, and English. This knowledge, mastered at the end of the first two years, is deepened and applied to two specific fields: analysis of health issues and analysis of regional issues.

To meet the requirements of the program, all students receive solid basic training in machine learning as well as in the two subfields of application of the program, health, and territory, and also receive advanced training in econometric methods.


Medico-Economic Analysis / Spatial Econometrics / Panel Data Econometrics / Meta Analysis / Territorial Dynamics / Demography / Physical and Social Networks / Actuarial and Insurance Mechanisms


Data Scientist / Data Analyst / Health Economic Analyst / Research Analyst

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Amaris / Banque de France / CEMKA / Commissariat général à l’égalité des territoires / Evidera / INED / INSERM / UNHCR…

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