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Risk Management and Financial Engineering

Managing banking risk has become crucial over the last 20 years. The financial crisis at the end of the 2000s demonstrated the need for better ways of evaluating and measuring risks associated with different types of operations. Banks therefore rely on experts that know not just banking regulations but also advanced quantitative techniques.

Asset Management has also seen strong growth and the creation of efficient quantitative tools to manage financial savings has become indispensable. Financial institutions need financial engineers who are competent in managing and creating performance. That is why ENSAI students are trained in the most recent quantitative techniques like investment allocation and hedge fund techniques. These fields are at the heart of the Risk Management and Financial Engineering specialization.


Investment Strategy / Credit Risk / Market Risk
Extreme Risk / Liquidity Management / Scoring / Finance / Quantitative Research / Regulation / Compliance


Quantitative Risk Analyst
Quantitative Portfolio Manager

Businesses within the ENSAI Ecosystem

ARKEA / AXA / Banque de France / BNP Paribas / Cetelem / Crédit Agricole / Deloitte / Groupe BPCE / HSBC / ING Bank / La Banque Postale / LCL / Société Générale…

Catalog Course

Risk Management & Financial Engineering, class of 2020


Lecturer in Economics - Head of the Risk Management and Financial Engineering & Economics for Spatial Analysis and Health Economics programs
+33 (0)2 99 05 32 58
ENSAI Admissions
Engineer Statistician and Official Statistician Admissions
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After doing a Mathematics and Economics Bachelor Degree at Université de Rennes 1, Audrey joined ENSAI’s Risk Management and Financial Engineering program. She currently works at Euler Hermes and uses her “Statistics-IT-Economics” background everyday.
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After a Scientific High School Diploma, a Mathematics-Physics Preparatory Courses for Competitive Exams and the ENSAI’s Risk Management and Financial Engineering program, Clément is currently Risk Quantitative Analyst at LCL.
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