97.7% Employment for the Class of 2022 within 5 Months of Graduation 

ENSAI engineering graduates are hired quickly after graduation. This is particularly the case for the Class of 2022. The recently published CGE (Conférence des Grandes Écoles) job placement survey of young graduates highlights the same trend for all French Grandes Écoles. 

In March 2023, almost all data science engineers graduating in 2022 who wanted to enter the workforce were employed. At 97.7%, ENSAI’s net employment rate continues to outpace that of the average of all engineering schools (93.1%).

84.5% of graduates secured a job before graduation, most often as a continuation of their end-of-study internship.

These results confirm both the quality and flexibility of the teaching provided by ENSAI in a field that has seen, and will continue to see, major changes driven by the digital transformation of the economy and advances in massive data and artificial intelligence.

This year’s job placement survey for ENSAI engineering graduates shows once again that ENSAI graduates can capitalize on a scientific and operational education that undoubtedly meets the needs of companies.

The annual CGE (Conférence des grandes écoles) survey: a benchmark for French Grandes Écoles

Since 1993, the survey conducted by the Conférence des grandes écoles (CGE) has provided a set of indicators for assessing how the training provided by the Grandes Écoles matches the needs of the job market. Coordinated and supervised by ENSAI on behalf of the CGE, the survey is carried out by each school during the first quarter and describes the professional integration of the last three graduating classes. In 2023, 199 schools, including 139 engineering schools, took part in the CGE survey.

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