Grants based on social criteria

The Group of National Economics and Statistics Schools (GENES) brings together ENSAE Paris and ENSAI, both of which welcome French and foreign engineering students. Under the supervision of the Ministry for the Economy and Finance of France (MEIE), and not the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MESR), these students are not eligible for grants based on social criteria from the CROUS. GENES has therefore put in place its own grant system modeled on the same criteria as the CROUS’s (identical rates and limits) by using n-1 as the income reference year rather than n-2.

Conditions based on age and nationality:
– The student must be under the age of 28 on September 1st at the beginning of his or her academic year for his or her first grant application
– The GENES grant based on social criteria is reserved for students studying in the engineering program:
* with French nationality or nationality from an EEA member state,
* with a foreign nationality who have for at least the past two years their tax residence located in an EEA member state,
* with foreign nationality and tax residence outside of the EEA member states but who come from establishments  that have a signed agreement with ENSAI that explicitly mentions the students’ eligibility to the GENES grant.

Three criteria used to calculate the grant:
Family tax revenues n-1
– The number of dependent children
Dependent children include children fiscally attached to the family, legal guardian or person with parental authority, including previous marriages. Fiscal attachment corresponds to either the reference year n-1, which is taken into account in order to determine the applicant’s right to the grant or the current year in case of a birth or marriage. A child of legal adult age who receives alimony does not count as a “dependent child”.

Grant amounts
For the academic year 2019-2020, the yearly grant amount based on social criteria, established on a scale from 0 bis to 7, was the following:

Taux annuel sur 10 mois
(en euros)
Taux pour les étudiants bénéficiant du maintien de la bourse
pendant les grandes vacances universitaires (en euros)
Level 0 bis 1 020 € 1224 €
Level 1 1687 € 2024 €
Level 2 2 541 € 3 049 €
Level 3 3 253 € 3 904 €
Level 4 3 967 € 4 760 €
Level 5 4 555 € 5 466 €
Level 6 4 831 € 5 797 €
Level 7 5 612 € 6 734 €

Payment of grants occurs twice (usually November and March).

All engineering students, including those with scholarships or grants, must pay the CEVC fee (91€)

Merit-based grants

Financial help based on merit is given to some students who are also eligible for the grant based on social criteria.
The merit-based scholarships is selected by the Director of ENSAI who also notifies the candidates. Students do not apply.
This grant can be combined with international mobility financial aide.

International studies grants

Scholarships for international studies are given to students who are already receiving a grant. This is subject to the student’s academic results.


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