How do I transfer to ENSAI?

Engineering Program
This method of admissions is open to students who have successfully completed one of the following:

  • 2 years of post secondary school education (Bac+2): holders of a BUT (French University Technology Diploma equivalent to an HND) in Data Science  or Computer Science
  • a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in:
    • Mathematics and Computer Science applied to Human and Social Sciences (Miashs)
    • Statistics
    • Applied Mathematics
    • Economic Science
    • Computer Science applied to Business Management (Miage)
    • or equivalent


ENSAI’s Master’s Programs

Master admissions are based on qualifications. A minimum of 4 years of higher education equivalent to 240 ECTS credits (at least a 4-year degree or first year of a master’s degree) is required.


It is not possible to transfer into the civil servant program