What engineering specializations are offered at ENSAI?

There are 6 specialization tracks for the engineering curriculum:

Data Science & Advanced Statistical Engineering
The statistical engineering taught at ENSAI opens up a wide range of professional prospects. These modeling experts master a wide range of fields, from industrial quality and reliability to environmental forecasting and image and signal processing.

Data Science & Risk Management
In order to properly assess and measure the risk associated with different operations, banks need to rely on experts with a mastery of both banking regulations and advanced quantitative techniques. Building effective quantitative tools to manage financial savings is also essential: risk management and asset management are at the heart of this specialization.

Data Science & Biostatistics
ENSAI offers a specialization in biostatistics, enabling students to embark on exciting careers in major pharmaceutical laboratories, biotechnologies and public health.

Data Science & Data Engineering
The Data Scientist who follows this specialization is endowed with a strong IT culture, combined with an initial background as a statistician. As experts in Big Data environments, they have sufficient knowledge of systems architecture, networks and IT security to handle very large volumes of data.

Data Science & Quantitative Marketing
Engineers who follow this specialization benefit from a high value-added marketing culture (marketing mix, experiential marketing, digital marketing, customer relationship management) that will enable them to extract and analyze data to understand and explain, but also and above all to predict purchasing behavior for products and services.

Data Science for Economic & Health Modeling
This specialization provides a background in statistical engineering, economics and econometrics applied to knowledge of territorial dynamics and health, and enabling the evaluation of public policies as well as private programs.