What engineering specializations are offered at ENSAI?

ENSAI offers 6 different specializations for engineering students:

  • Advanced Statistical Engineering
    This specialization offers a large range of employment opportunities. ENSAI students will become skilled modeling experts in many fields of application such as quality/reliability in business, environmental predictions, and signal and image processing.


  • Biostatistics
    This specialization at ENSAI prepares students for fascinating careers in biotechnology, pharmaceutical laboratories, and public health.


  • Data Modeling for Spatial Analysis and Health Economics
    This ENSAI program offers a strong background in statistical engineering, economics, econometrics applied to territory dynamics and health, and will enable statistical engineers to evaluate both public policies and projects in the private sector.



  • Quantitative Marketing and Revenue Management
    ENSAI engineering students in this specialization will gain a strong background in marketing culture (marketing mix, experience marketing, digital marketing, customer relationship management). This will enable students to extract and analyze data in order to understand and explain it, as well as predict purchasing behavior of products and services.


  • Risk Management and Financial Engineering
    In order to asses and measure the risk associated to different financial operations, banks need the support of experts in banking regulations and advanced quantitative techniques. As risk and asset management are at the heart of this ENSAI specialization students will learn how to build quantitative tools to manage financial savings.