Can I work in the public sector even if I’m an engineer?

Yes, engineers can find job opportunities in both the private and the public sector.

For example, some of our engineer graduates have found work at CNAM, CGET, or even at INSEE, others are employed at la Banque de France. Some graduates start working on a temporary contract (CDD) in the public sector and are eventually given a permanent contract (CDI). Other graduates choose to take specific entrance exams for government jobs. ENSAI also has alumni who work in private companies that have partnerships in the public sector such as UNEDIC (this list of examples is non-exhaustive).

The specialization Spacial Analysis and Health Economics, for example, offers students the necessary skills in Statistical Engineering, Economics, and Econometrics as they relate to the dynamics of territories and health. This expertise is increasingly sought-after in the evaluation of public policy as well as in the private sector.