What kind of career opportunities exist for students in the Official Statistics program?

After two year of taking classes, mostly in common with the engineering program, civil servant trainees can:
– start working. Their career can be oriented towards applied mathematics, economic studies, and computer science at INSEE, in statistical services of various French Ministries (the economy, education, employment, social affairs, sustainable development, etc.) or in institutions like la Banque de France, research centers, Eurostat, etc.
– complete, if certain criteria are met, the Master in Data Science for Public Decision Marking, co-accredited with the University of Rennes, as continual education either immediately after their two years at ENSAI or after having worked as a civil servant. Three specializations are offered:

  • Methodology for Official Statistics (MSP)
  • Statistics and Data Management (STD) – not open to INSEE personnel in continuing education
  • Statistical Studies (ES)

This Master is the only Eurostat labeled European Master in Official Statistics (EMOS) in France.

Official statisticians can, conditionally after several years of professional experience, reach the rank of Principal or Chief officer or other high ranking official in the civil service through competitive exams or promotions.