How can I apply for financial aid?

To find out if you are eligible for a need-based scholarship, you must complete an application with CNOUS.

The application for need-based financial aid must be completed annually with the help of the student social file (DSE) to be completed online. Students who received a CROUS grant the previous year must again compile an application online. Please keep in mind that when entering the DSE, the CROUS nomenclature is specific, students have to enter “Formation ingénieur” and then:

3rd year = 1A ENSAI
4th year = 2A ENSAI
5th year = 3A ENSAI
And finally, “Habilitation Economie ENSAI“».

International students who are European Union citizens are eligible for need-based financial aide financed by the French government.

The following international students are not concerned by this need-bases scheme:

  • Students enrolled in the Mastère Spécialisé, Statistics for Smart Data Master, Insee interns, and ERASMUS students;
  • Students whose tax residence has been in the European Economic Area (EEA) for less than two years;
  • Students with foreign nationality and tax residence outside the EEA unless they come from institutions that have a signed agreement with ENSAI explicitly stating the student’s eligibility to the grant;
  • Students taking a gap year.

Students who come from partner African schools (CAPESA: ISSEA (Cameroon), ENSAE (Senegal), ENSEA (Ivory Coast), ESSAI (Tunisia), INSEA (Morocco), ESSAI (Tunisia), ENEAM (Benin), though not eligible for CROUS grants, are eligible for ENSAI’s internal grant system and will be contacted directly by ENSAI in order to finalize their financial aid application. Applications must be sent to

All international students who are ineligible for the CROUS grant can apply for other types of grants from foundations, organizations or institutions (Bourse Eiffel, regional scholarships, foundation G Besse, etc.)

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