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ENSAI offers a program in Biostatistics which prepares graduates for fascinating careers in large pharmaceutical laboratories, in Biotechnology, and in Public Health.

Going on to work in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, agribusiness, or health research is common for ENSAI Biostatistics graduates.

Biostatisticians can lead clinical trials prior to the authorization of a new medicine, analyze genotypes, study the impact of using certain cosmetics, and analyze a new food product to assess its sensorial and organoleptic properties. In short, the applications are vast and continually evolving thanks to advances in Data Science tools and Artificial Intelligence.

The Biostatistics specialization can also lead to work as a researcher in the public or private sector. PhDs are often directed in research labs such as the CNRS or INSERM.


Biostatistics / OMICS Data / Clinical Trials / Epidemiology / Genomics / Experiment Design / Meta-analysis


Biostatistician / Research Engineer / Design Engineer / Researcher

Businesses within the ENSAI ecosystem

Amaris / Inserm / Inra / Institut Pasteur / IQVIA / L’Oréal / Nestlé / Sanofi / Servier / Soladis…

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Biostatistics, class of 2020


Associate Professor - Head of the Statistics Department at ENSAI
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Engineer Statistician and Official Statistician Admissions
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A 2011 graduate of ENSAI and with a PhD in Biostatistics, Marie-Karelle Rivière currently works at Sanofi where her research helps her to hone her critical thinking skills.
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