Data Science & Biostatistics

ENSAI offers a program in Biostatistics which prepares graduates for fascinating careers in large pharmaceutical laboratories, in Biotechnology, and in Public Health.

Going on to work in the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry, agribusiness, or health research is common for ENSAI Data Science & Biostatistics graduates.

Biostatisticians generally work in project mode within multidisciplinary teams. They contribute to the design and development of statistical methodologies used in clinical trials prior to the marketing of new drugs or cosmetic products, epidemiological studies aimed at analyzing the factors that influence the frequency or distribution of diseases, the analysis of biomic data (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, etc.), or the analysis of a new food product on its sensory and organoleptic properties. ), or the analysis of a new food product on its sensory and organoleptic properties… As the stakes in health are high and because this sector generates huge amounts of data, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence open up many perspectives and strategic challenges, now and in the years to come.

The Biostatistics specialization can also lead to work as a researcher in the public or private sector. PhDs are often directed in research labs such as the CNRS or INSERM.


Biostatistics / Machine Learning / OMICS Data / Clinical Trials / Epidemiology / Genomics / Experiment Design / Meta-analysis


Biostatistician / Research Engineer / Design Engineer / Researcher

Businesses within the ENSAI ecosystem

Amaris / Inserm / Inra / Institut Pasteur / IQVIA / L’Oréal / Nestlé / Sanofi / Servier / Soladis…

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Associate Professor in Statistics - In charge of the Data Science & Biostatistics program
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A 2011 graduate of ENSAI and with a PhD in Biostatistics, Marie-Karelle Rivière currently works at Sanofi where her research helps her to hone her critical thinking skills.
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